brian mitchellBrian Mitchell – CEO/Founder

Brian has been in the construction industry since 2002. While attending school at UC Davis, Brian was eager to learn about business. Brian was awarded a coveted internship working with a large bay area company in which he was responsible for starting up and running a small branch of a painting business. Brian chose to do this in his home town of Albany, CA.  For the next two years Brian dedicated countless hours to his pursuit and went on to be one of the company’s top performers. Upon Graduation from Davis, Brian was recognized by a competitor and was actively recruited to run, first a district, and then a division of that company.  Brian again set records for both quality and in turn revenue over the next few years. Brian was then promoted to Vice President where he worked for a few years and then decided to start Signature Painting and Construction, Inc.  Shortly after Signature was formed, Brian was approached by a prominent Manager/Owner of a number of apartment communities in the North Bay.  They solicited his help in painting and performing some smaller construction jobs on some of his properties.  Upon completion, Brian decided that he wanted to concentrate his focus on the HOA, Multi-Family, and Commercial sector due to its growth potential.  Signature has performed numerous painting, construction, and roofing projects for property manages, building owners, and investors throughout Northern California since then and is a household name in this sector.  Brian attributes the success of Signature Painting and Construction to the elite team of industry professionals that they have assembled and their ability to build great relationships with the clients that they service.

My mission is to employ novel job site management solutions reducing typical stress and strain on property managers while providing the highest quality finished product.” Brian Mitchell



Erik first began working in the construction industry in 1999. He spent the next five years managing and developing a division for one of the largest painting contractors in the state of California. In 2004 Erik began working with a multi-billion dollar global corporation. Over the next few years Erik took on many different roles and responsibilities within this large company. Through this experience Erik became uniquely versed in Customer Solutions and Logistics. In 2008 Erik Graduated with a Master’s in Business Administration from University of California, 11950395_990953910925038_4941702731928944602_o (2)Irvine.  Shortly after this Erik returned to the construction industry as an independent consultant. Erik’s grasp of the industry and his unique work history have made him an integral part of Signature’s successful development.  Erik brings with him many years of experience and some unique ideas that have helped to make Signature Painting and Construction one of the premier HOA, Multi-Unit, and Commercial Construction Specialists in the Area.

Our Mission here at Signature is to ‘Make Projects Simpler’. We do this by offering a quality product and a unique communication system that has proven to reduce the amount of stress experienced by our customers.” – Erik Oller, MBA.



Mike WitterMike Witter – North Bay Manager

Mike Witter graduated from UC Davis with an Economics degree. It was at Davis that Mike got his first taste of managing a branch of a painting business. Mike met and worked with Signature Founder Brian for the next few years. After school Mike not only spent a few more years in the Construction industry doing everything from remodels and flooring to water intrusion and general building. Mike then spent some time in Corporate America in customer relations and sales for an insurance company. Mike dealt with a wide range of clients including HOA’s and other properties. Mike and Brian then re-connected in 2012 and Mike has been working with Signature ever since. Mike manages the North Bay territories and also helps manage the Sacramento Valley Territory. Mike is the youngest on the team, but don’t let that fool you, he is more experienced than most in this industry. Not only does Mike take his work seriously, he is a total family man. When it comes to his 6 month old daughter, he is super dad


Brian Jeffreys – Wood & Repair Specialist


VaVa & JDChristina Anderson – Project Coordinator/Scheduler

Christina Anderson has been in the construction industry for over 20 years. During that time she has worked with two large Bay Area Construction Firms. Christina’s current and past clients have nothing but good things to say about her ability to make a project simpler. During the 3 years from 2001-2004 she helped propel her previous company’s sales from $9 million to whopping $17 million! Christina has years of experience doing all the day to day project coordination that a successful project needs. She administers daily changes to construction schedules while communicating with field superintendents and trade contractors. She researches and resolves problems with contractors, sales team, design centers, so that clients can stay on schedule. Christina has an amazing personality, excellent organizational skills and operational acumen which make her very easy to work with and the go to girl for all things production. Christina is a huge part of working with Signature in any Northern California territory.


Yama SekanderYama Sekander – Project Manager Painting

Yama has been working in the Commercial, HOA, & Multi-Family Painting Industry for over 20 years.  He started his career working for one of the largest painting contractors in Northern California.  Yama began his career at the bottom, he started as a helper on a crew. It didn’t take long for Yama to be recognized and a true leader and talented painter. He quickly worked his way up to become a foreman within a year and a half, making him the youngest foreman in that company’s history.  Yama gradually moved on and gained a lot of experience with two other Bay Area Firms where he helped to develop systems that greatly increased production efficiency.  In 2007, Yama was hired onto Signature Painting and Construction as a foreman, but, as we soon learned, Yama’s talents stretched beyond a foreman. Signature was growing quickly with Yama’s leadership in the field and he was quickly promoted to Superintendent and then to the role of Project Manager for the entire Northern California Division. When Yama is not working he enjoys working out, spending time with his children, and coaching the local youth football team in Concord.


Christian Del Cupolo – Project Manager Construction & Roofing