Apartment complex in Santa Rosa, CA in major need of wood replenishment due to damaged surfaces from multiple causes. Renovation and paint project completed in Bay Area.

Most Property Managers tend to overlook the upkeep of the actual foundation of the building, especially the wooden portions and focus more on interior renovations. Very commonly, do we go in for a consultation for a small repaint project, but find extremely damaged wood. While working on a project, on an apartment community in Santa Rosa, we found that several sides of the building were in major need of a stucco renovation. Stucco, is a building material that is very durable, attractive, and a weather-resistant wall covering. After the construction was completed, the team repainted all exterior walls with Premium Sherwin Williams paint.

Wood replacement is a natural material, that will age and deteriorate with time. An annual check up and upkeep will prevent your Bay Area community from spending thousands on repairs in the long run, and it will keep you up to date with inspections.

Signature Painting & Construction, Inc is here to help you keep a safe and presentable living circumstance for all of your tenants. We are polite, professional, and have the knowledge to make the right repairs, correctly.

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