Importance of Gutter Cleaning

The weather outside is so delightful… maybe not so much this holiday season? The last thought in your mind is probably to go outside and do some holiday gutter cleaning. We have all been there and refused to spend our weekend cleaning out those clogged (with God knows what) gutters.

But just like every messy job, it has to be done. Or else you will have to deal with something much messier, like a flooded basement or even cracked foundation caused by water that is spoiling away in the gutters. Excess and over flow of water can cause weakness in the foundation which eventually leads to cracks. Anytime you have debris piling up over the flashing or shingle line, the debris will absorb the moisture on the fascia board and the excess moisture can also affect the roof sheath and framing beyond the fascia.

With water come other living organisms, like insects and bacteria that can cause mold problems within your lovely home and they will end up cozying up in your gutters.

Many homeowners end up spending THOUSANDS of dollars each year on replacing and fixing damages caused by a clogged gutter. These dollars could be easily saved if you hire Signature Services to clean out your gutters this season before it’s too late.

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