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Signature Painting & Construction, Inc is located in Walnut Creek, CA (Bay Area) where we specialize in the rehabilitation of communities and buildings. Our crew at Signature has come across a numerous homes that have accumulated dry rot over the years. Read along and you’ll find out how to avoid running into a dry rot issue, and if you do, how to fix it,

Basically, dry rot is caused by a fungus that grows in high humidity regions where there is not enough ventilation. Like any living thing, dry rot has the power to attack. And attack it does! The decayed wood turns dry and brittle, hence the name, dry rot. Funny enough, the wood becomes dry due to excessive moisture coming in contact with the wood.

How can you tell if your home is “drying” out? Look around your home for clues. If you notice small deformations throughout the exterior of your home, then you might have a dry rot issues. Check the wood by poking a hole through it with a screen driver. If it smoothly goes in, then you need to get it repaired as soon as possible. At times, people mistaken dry rot for termites. So, to be 100% sure, you would want to make an appointment with a local contractor, like Signature Painting & Construction, which is located in Walnut Creek, CA. Another way to check for droughted wood is to take a close look at the paint, first. If you notice that your paint is chipping and peeling away, then there is a high chance of the fungus attacks.Not only do we paint our homes and walls to spruce up our place, we do it in order to seal and protect the home from insects, fungus, and any other particles that can cause damage.

Treating your problem. At Signature Painting & Construction , our fully qualified specialists are experts at identifying the extent of the decay and will go over the best options to save you not only money, but will guarantee that you avoid having dry rot issues in the future. If you’re a handyman, that I would suggest that you first inspect the home and check both sides of the walls. It could be possible that the fungus has made it over through the other side. You want to identify the severity of the rot and go from there. Your best option to repair this wood would be to have it removed, treated, then placed back in, or replaced altogether.

Make sure to check your exterior wood annually. If infecte, the process of bringing the wood back to health can be long and pricey. Call Signature Painting & Construction, INC for your maintenance need today!

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