This is truly a fun project.  We are currently in the process of restraining a large townhome complex in Santa Rosa, CA just around the corner of Santa Rosa Junior College.  One of the biggest challenges we faced with this project was find a way to provide our clients with optimal protection on their shingled buildings but still maintaining the articutetual integrity of the complex.  To accomplish this we made the recommendation to use Armstrong Semi-Solid stain on all the shingle areas.  The color that you see in the after shoots in Oxford Brown.  We are then staining the trim with a 50/50 mix of stain and 1245 low sheen paint from Kelly Moore Paints.  This will provide great protect that will last longer than their previous staining job, but still keep the shingled look that we wanted to maintain.  We will do a follow up video once we are all done with the project.

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