It’s not uncommon for our company to visit homes that are covered in peeling and cracking paint. In most situations this is due to homeowners waiting 10 or more years before calling a paint contractor to repaint the house. However, it is a tragedy when we come to find the home owner JUST HAD THE HOUSE PAINTED LAST YEAR!

The unfortunate truth about the paint contracting is this: Many contractors will not take the appropriate steps to properly treat your home before painting. It is not uncommon for painters delivering a low bid to cut corners in order to stay on budget. The easiest way for these contractors to cut corners is by skipping the most important step of the painting process, preparation work.

In order to avoid the financial and emotional stress that come with an improper paint job, be sure to hire a contractor who follows the proper steps:

  1. The first step of preparation is a full pressure wash of the home. Pressure washing removes all the dirt, dust, and other particles from the surface of your home. This process typically takes at least a few hours.
  2. If there is mold or mildew located on the surface of the home, these areas must be treated. Signature painting uses an environmentally safe product that will suffocate the affected areas without harming near buy animals or plants.
  3. All areas with loose paint that are pealing or cracked must be completely scrapped off the side of the home.
  4. These areas should then receive a proper sanding to avoid an unsightly divot.
  5. All areas of bare wood should be primed.
  6. Gapes between wood joints should be properly caulked and sealed
  7. Lastly, all areas around the home vulnerable to paint should be covered prior to the painting process.

Signature painting dedicates at least 70% of painting process to preparation work. This will ensure a long lasting beautiful paint job.